Recently, Myande signed a contract with Dabeinong Group, by which Myande will supply Dabainong with a complete equipment line for processing 50TPD Fermentation Soybean Meal.

Established in 1993, Dabeinong Group has developed into an agricultural technology enterprise active in feed, animal husbandry, seeds, plantation, biological feeds and pig breeding industries. It has 13,000 employees including 1,200 R & D engineers, more than 60 production bases, 80 subsidiaries and 2,000 service pig raising facilities.

In the project design process, relying on its strong technical support team, Dabeinong Group has not only taken into full consideration all key points of process design, product requirements, but also inspected and compared most fermentation and drying methods available in the domestic market. Myande on the other side has strived for better process program for meeting customer personalized requirements especially on fermentation method, drying method and plant layout. As a result, Myande and Dabeinong reached consensus on the complete project design.
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