Automatic Control System
Myande is the supplier of Automatic Control System in China. During these years of exporting, Myande now has rich experience in the worldwide markets.
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The automatic control system is developed on the basis of Myande’s rich experience accumulated over years of commitment to the design and provision of processing equipment and engineering services.
More important, the automatic control system will be specially designed to cater to the particulars of your process equipment as well as all affiliated equipment with sufficient attention paid to the special features of turnkey projects that include provision of complete line of equipment, installation and commissioning.
All hardware and software incorporated in the control system are Siemens brand with PLC + Configuration Software Architecture and Industrial Ethernet Network. Model of PLC system is Siemens S7 with WinCC SCADA configuration software for the PC.
Process interfaces are designed to have lively visual and dynamic effects. All equipment items indicated on the interface resemble the actual form of the equipment and are drawn with 3-D software. All running equipment items are illustrated with colors, rotation direction and flow indications. All interfaces can be shifted to English languages or local languages.
◎PLC/DCS control system with customized control process
◎Fully computerized high precision adjustment of process parameters
◎Capability of monitoring remote plants from head office
◎Lower operating personnel requirement
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