Myande and China Huaye Group Company signed a contract by which Myande supplied Shandong Fukuan biological Engineering Co a full automatic DCS control system to be incorporated in a corn starch processing line with the capacity of 300,000 tons per year.

During the tender of this automatic control system project, the owners put forward high requirements on the automatic control system of all the production line. They hope that automation and unattended operation can be realized during production.

Myande automatic control system designing team consists of over 30 engineers and have designed and supplied more than 200 automatic control systems for starch, oils & fats, fermentation, and energy saving & evaporation projects. Myande’s typically fully automatic MIIM control system effectively improves control efficiency with some unique features.

  • Automatic Control System for Starch Plant
  • Automatic Control System for Corn Wet Milling

1. High combination of automation and process design

There is a widely recognized principle in the starch industry that automation design team without sufficient understanding of starch processing technology is not in a good position to come up with effective automatic control systems for the starch processing industry. Myande Group is a professional supplier of machinery & engineering services in starch, vegetable oil, and fermentation industries with strong product R&D capability and process design capability.

So the control plan of each complete project is determined after many exchanges and communication between automation engineers and process engineers. Automation engineers typically participate in the process design, site installation, commissioning and other aspects of the project. Automation is a combination of technology and process, which is the essential difference of Myande automation team and general automation company.

2. Comprehensive technical ability
Myande automatic control system service covers low voltage system, PLC system, DCS system, electrical installation, electrical and automatic control system, and on-site commissioning. The team provides a full range of electrical and automation solutions for the customer. The biggest benefits for our customers include in reduced cost of communication between the suppliers of low voltage electrical components and DCS control system, shortened delivery time, and improved quality of the whole project.

3. Combination of automation and 3D design

In electrical and automation engineering, the statistics of material is a very important part. If the statistic is not exact, it will result in buying more material, increasing costs and waste. In addition, it will also cause the extension of the construction period due to the lack of material. Myande has a professional 3D design team and typically use 3D design to resolve this problem perfectly. During the installation design, this team will model the workshop in accordance with 1: 1 proportion.

In the 3D drawing, each equipment and instruments, valves can be positioned and electrical and instrument trays also will be described in detail, so as to avoid the interference between the tray and the pipeline, and also have a precise statistic material specifications and quantity of cable, cable tray and other installation materials in the generated list of materials.

4. Combination of automation and equipment
Myande has a strong mechanical design and manufacturing capacity that can provide customers with most major starch production equipment, such as, centrifugal separator, pin mill, screw press, tube bundle dryer and starch dry system, etc. The company will have all the staff to carry out the relevant training of mechanical equipment so that automation engineers can know how to utilize automation control technology to maintain equipment safety and continuous running.

5. Guarantee of reliable brand
Myande insists on using internationally renowned brands and has entered into strategic cooperation agreements with many internationally renowned brands, such as SIEMENS, Schneider, ABB, Danforth, E+H, Emerson, EBRO, ARI, SPIRAXSARCO, etc. By using reliable parts and components, Myande is in a good position to guarantee safety, reliability and stability of the electrical automation system.

6. Project implementation capability
All projects will have a standard project management process. After the plan of project implementation is made, the relevant professional person will be responsible for each node of project implementation. At the same time, there are corresponding records, feedback about every step of the project, which can ensure timely delivery of the project with high quality.

7. Perfect after-sale service system
At present, the automatic maintenance of starch production enterprises is not particularly strong, so after-sale service is very important. At the beginning of the establishment, Myande always holds on to the purpose of “Move forward with customers”. Excellent after-sale service is Myande's solemn commitment to customers. The automation team relies on the advantages of Myande Group in order to supply durable and lifelong after-sale services for customers.

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