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Biodiesel projects with capacity ranging from 50t/d to 800t/d

1. Feedstock Pretreatment

The feedstock of biodiesel can be high free fatty acid oil (FFA≥3%,palm oil, used cooking oil, acidified oil, rice bran oil, etc.) or low free fatty acid oil (FFA≤2%,soybean oil, canola oil, etc.). Before feeding into transesterification section, we should control the FFA content below 0.1%.
To decrease the oil loss, for high free fatty acid oil, we recommend physical refining process. The feedstock is degummed and bleached, then deacidified in a structured packing column. The refined oil pumped into transesterification section, and the distillated FFA can be the esterification section feedstock.
For low free fatty acid oil, the pretreatment process normally including degumming and neutralization, controlling the FFA content below 0.1%.
2. Transesterification
Transesterification is the reaction between glycerides and methanol with the assistant of catalyst. Theoretically, 1000kg oil can obtain 1004kg FAME, consuming 10.5% methanol and producing 10% glycerine. After the reaction, The FAME is purified by flashing, settling separation, neutralization, washing and drying. The biodiesel produced by Myande process can satisfy EN 14214 standard.
3. Esterification
Esterification is another approach to produce biodiesel. The FFA esterified with methanol by the catalyzation of sulfuric acid or PSTA. The reaction normally conducted in batches. The ester produced can be purified to biodiesel, or pumped into transesterification section to obtain high-quality biodiesel.
4. Biodiesel Distillation
Biodiesel Distillation is a process of Evaporation and Fractionation of Methyl Ester (Biodiesel) under extreme negative pressure and high temperature to produce Distilled Biodiesel.

Benefits from biodiesel distillation:
a. Colorless Distilled Biodiesel.
b. Trace quantities of mono, di and tri-glycerides.
c. Improved results on cold soak filtration test.
d. No metals, sulfur, and none-ester impurities.
e. High customer acceptance in winter months.
f. No blending issues, when mixed with Diesel.
g. Exceeds ASTM-6751 Standards.
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