Corn Starch

We can provide turnkey corn starch plant for you:

Corn starch plant with capacity ranging from 100t/d to 4,000t/d

1. Acid Preparation Process

Approx. 0.3% NaHSO3 concentration is controlled in steeping tank.
2. Corn Steeping
After cleaning, corn will enter into steeping tanks for steeping. Steeping is using sulphurous acid by counter-current process. After steeping the light CSL will go for evaporation, wet corn will go to milling section.
3. Corn Milling and Germ Separation
Wet corn will be passed through 3 stages grinders for milling and 2 stages germ cyclones for germ separation. Germ will go for germ dewatering section. Wet material will go for fibre washing.
4. Fiber Washing, Dewatering, (add CSL) Drying, Air Transportation and Packing

Fiber and starch are separated and washed by DSM system. Dewatered by Screw Press and dried by 1st stage Tube Bundle Dryer or add CSL then go to 2nd stage Tube Bundle Dryer to produce high protein fiber feed. After drying, the products will be transported by air to the warehouse for weighing & packing.

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5. Starch Separation
The crude starch milk enters into the Primary Separator. The underflow is sent into 12 stages Washing Cyclone for washing and refining.
6. Gluten Dewatering, Drying, Air Transportation and Packing
Light gluten slurry from the overflow of Primary Separator is sent to Gluten Thickener for concentration. After concentration, it will be dewatered by the Rotary Vacuum Filter, dried by Flash Dryer and transported by air to the warehouse for weighing & packing.
7. Germ Dewatering, Drying, Air Transportation and Packing
The germ from Germ Cyclone is washed by Bend Screener then enters into Screw Press for dewatering. After dewatering, the wet germ goes into Tube Bundle Dryer for drying and then transported by air to the warehouse for weighing & packing.
8. CSL Evaporation
Light CSL will go into the three-effect evaporation system. Exhausted vapor from Tube Bundle Dryer is used as heating source which saves steam consumption. Concentrated CSL can be sold out or added into fiber feed.
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