Recently, Myande Group signed a contract with Henan Zhonghe Group, by which Myande undertakes a 10,000 T/A feed material fermentation project. According to the clearly defined project design, when completed, this project will adopt solid-state fermentation process to yield high-value feed materials from byproducts generated in starch processing industry such as wheat bran, unqualified starch, steeping liquid, etc. When this project is completed, Henan Zhonghe Group will have formed a complete industry chain covering starch processing, food processing, biological feeds, and aquaculture.

Myande's scope engineering service includes process design, civil design, design and supply of automatic control system, equipment manufacturing and supply, installation and commissioning. The package fermentation solution provided by Myande for this project includes raw material receiving, strain activation, inoculation and mixing, fermentation, drying, milling and packing. The fermentation section features high-level of automation, achieving automated feeding, stirring and discharging in the production cycle. The high level of automation will reduce manual participation and ensure product stability. The drying section adopts the low-temperature drying method to ensure desirable product quality.
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