In March 2016, a fermented corn gluten powder production line constructed by Myande Group successfully completed, signifying the launch of "Shancheng 360”, a new type of animal feed product, by Henan Yihong Shangcheng Biotechnology Co.

This successful cooperation program between Myande Group as a well-known supplier of solid-state fermentation equipment and engineering services and Henan Yihong Shancheng Biotechnology, which is committed to producing new green biological feeds, will promote the development of China’s solid-state fermentation industry in the orientation of efficiency and automation.

“Shancheng 360”, representing the results of over 20 years of research and development efforts made by specialists at Shancheng Biotechnology Co. Ltd, is a new green biological feed produced through advanced bio-engineering and solid-state fermentation technologies using Saccharomyces Cerevisiae as bacterial.

Based upon full understanding of Shangcheng’s specific requirements, Myande engineering team developed a highly custom-made process design that incorporates raw material grinding and measuring prior to the fermentation process. This feature ensures ideal homogeneous mixing of raw material and bacteria. The fermentation process incorporates Myande Rectangular Fermentation Machine featuring high level of automation to achieve automated feeding and discharging and to minimize human involvement.

Myande’s unique combined drying solution achieves relative low temperature dying process while at the same time effectively reduces power consumption. High level of the automation of the complete production line ensures accurate control of the whole fermentation process, stable final product quality, and reduced labor cost.
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