Full Fat Soybean
Animal nutrition is more and more required to offer a large variety of feeding solutions in broilers fattening.
Starting from the purpose that feeding has to cover, the nutritionists pay attention especially to raw materials quality, chemical composition, content in valuable nutritive components.
Full fat soybean could be an alternative to substitute components such as soybean meal and oil, traditionally used in various diets for broilers fattening so far.
The results obtained by various authors showed that the diets based on full fat soybean have a benefic effect both upon daily and total gain, but also on meat quality.
Therefore, such a raw material could be a tool to increase economic efficiency in the process of fattening, but also to improve the protein and fat content in chicken meat.
Full Fat Soybean meal is a concentrated source of protein and energy and is lower in crude fiber than most other oilseed meals.
Full fat soybean meal also has these features, but in addition, is an even more excellent source of energy and fatty acids.

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