Recently, Myande signed a contract by which Myande will undertake 2 sets of MVR evaporation crystallization facilities for Yongkai Chem Co., Ltd.

Over a month ago, Myande learned about the needs of Yongkai Chemical. In just one month, teams from the two companies worked together, fully recognized each other needs and resources by exchanging in-depth views, and quickly formed determined cooperation scheme.

This contract covers 2 MVR evaporation crystallization units, which are respectively used for the evaporation and crystallization treatment of waste water of sodium chloride and potassium chloride. After completing the project, all the high-salt waste water from the workshop will be effectively treated. The project will adopt pretreatment and evaporation crystallization methods combined with advanced energy-saving technology of MVR to separate salt crystals in the waste water from the system and recycle the condensate water generated from evaporation. The project will not only solve the environmental problems of chemical waste water treatment, but also save costs as much as possible for the operation of the whole plant.

Reasons why Myande and Yongkai can establish cooperation with each other in just over a month include urgent need for eco-upgrades in the industrial park where Yongkai Chemical is located and Myande’s distinct characteristics and advantages in evaporation engineering industry won Yongkai Chemical’s trust without hesitation.

Firstly, mature and stable technologies and 15 years’ experience in engineering operation. From its founding in early 2003, Myande started to design and manufacture evaporator. In recent years, Myande has applied mature evaporation technologies to wastewater treatment as China has raised environmental protection to an unprecedented height. With 15 years of evaporation technology accumulation and talents cultivation, Myande has made innumerable great achievements in the high-salt wastewater evaporation and crystallization projects. Myande has established good partnerships with 5 companies successively alone in the industrial park where Yongkai Chemical is located, and has undertaken projects almost in every province.

Secondly, Myande is equipped with the most advanced equipment manufacturing platform and the most strict quality control system in the industry. The quality of product is related to its using effect and service life. When Myande undertakes each project, we try to ensure its success. The success of every case brings the good reputation to Myande in this market.

Thirdly, strong and complete capability in project delivery. For the past two years, many enterprises started to manufacture evaporators due to the growing market, which has caused troubles to enterprises that really need evaporators. To complete a good evaporation project, we not only need equipment manufacturing, but also with the cooperation of technology, 3D pipeline, civil engineering, automatic control and project management, Myande exactly has the technical team of more than 300 personnel, in addition, we give customers full guarantee in after-sales service, so customers are satisfied in buying and using.

Under the direction of strict environmental protection policy, effective treatment of the "three wastes" in the factory is a problem that every relevant enterprise must face. Myande is dedicated to solving the problem for Yongkai Chemistry in the specialized field of high-salt waste water evaporation crystallization.
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