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*EASIEST* Belgian Waffle Recipe

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Belgian Waffles are such a classic weekend breakfast loved by all. Grab a few pantry items and make these at home with this amazing (and super easy!) waffle recipe. Anyone can make these and have them turn out perfectly every time. Delicious with Oven Bacon and my Cinnamon Roll Syrup.

Belgian waffles with berries and powdered sugar

Belgian Waffles | A Perfect Weekend Breakfast!

Is there anything better than a warm, homemade Belgian waffle on the weekend? I submit that there is not! This simple waffle recipe is whisked together in one bowl, cooked up in a hot and buttered Belgian Waffle maker and then topped with berries, more butter and maple syrup. Pure heaven!

So, this particular Belgian Waffle recipe will yield thick, buttery, delicious, slightly sweet waffles. If you don’t have a waffle iron, try my fluffy pancake recipe! Also delicious with that homemade syrup listed above.

Main Ingredients Needed

I love making Belgian Waffles at home because they are so delicious and only require a few pantry ingredients. Here is what to you need for this waffle recipe:

  • All Purpose Flour: I use unbleached flour.
  • Granulated Sugar: A little sugar for a sweet waffle! This also helps caramelize and crisp up the exterior of the waffles as they cook.
  • Baking Powder + Baking Soda + Salt: leavenings and a little salt for flavor.
  • Milk + Eggs: The basis for any good waffle.
  • Vanilla: Added for flavor!
  • Melted Butter: fat added to the waffle batter helps with the overall texture of the finished product.
whisking belgian waffle batter in mixing bowl

How to Make Belgian Waffles

As long as you have a waffle iron and a little time on your hands, this recipe couldn’t be simpler. Simply make your batter and then fry them up.

Step 1: Make the Waffle Batter

In the bottom of a mixing bowl, whisk flour, sugar, baking powder, baking soda and salt together. Create a well in the center and add remaining wet ingredients: milk, eggs, melted butter and vanilla. Whisk until batter has formed and then stop. Try to not overmix.

A Note About Waffle Batter

Once you whisk the batter together check the thickness or viscosity. If it’s too thick, add in a splash of milk. If it’s too thin, add in a sprinkle of flour. You want a pourable batter that will hold its shape for a second before falling back into the rest of the batter. Think white school glue thickness. If your batter is too thick, you’ll get a dense waffle, so be careful for that.

pouring batter into waffle iron

Step 2: Cook the Waffles

Plug in your Belgian Waffle Iron to preheat. (A classic Belgian Waffle Iron is round with deep grooves. Of course this batter will work in ANY waffle iron, but since these are Belgian Waffles, you’d probable want to use the right iron.)

Brush both sides of the hot iron with melted butter and pour in your batter. Cook waffles according to the recommended cook times for your particular iron.

Step 3: Enjoy!

I love a warm Belgian Waffle with with lots of delicious toppings like: fruit (raspberries are my favorite), whipped cream, powdered sugar, maple syrup, butter, ya know, the good stuff.

Belgian Waffles on plate with Berries

Why Do You Not Whip Your Egg Whites?

Very good question! Traditional Waffle recipes, especially the Belgian Waffle Recipes, call for separating the eggs and whipping the whites separately, then folding them back into the finished batter. This supposedly creates a fluffier, lighter waffle.

While I can appreciate why this is the traditional way, I have never noticed that big of a difference in the finished product between waffles with whipped egg whites and waffles without whipped egg whites. The most important thing you can do is make sure your waffle batter isn’t too thick so the baking powder and baking soda can work their magic and create a light waffle.

If you’d like to make this the traditional way, I have directions listed in the recipe card below for whipping the egg whites.

finished Belgian Waffle Recipe with powdered sugar

Storing Belgian Waffles

Keeping Your Waffles Warm

Once you pull each waffle from the iron, the best way to keep these warm is placing them into a 200 degree oven for up to 30 minutes before serving. Place your cooked waffles into the warm oven on a baking sheet lined with racks to keep the warm air circulating around them, keeping your waffle edges crisp.

Freezing Belgian Waffles

Freezing Homemade Belgian Waffles is the best way to store these when making over a week in advance. Simply place the cooked waffles into large ziploc bags, being sure to remove as much air as possible without flattening the waffles. Store in the freezer for up to two months.

Reheating Frozen Waffles

Pull one waffle out and pop into the toaster on the waffle setting. If your waffle won’t fit into your toaster, microwave until warm. To get the toasty edges, brush with a little melted butter and then place under the broiler for 30 seconds per side OR until the waffle is as crispy as you’d like. Will taste as good as a fresh waffle every time!

In case you’re making a full on breakfast spread, be sure to check out these other sweet recipes!

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Printable recipe card is below, enjoy!

Easiest Belgian Waffle Recipe

Belgian waffles are such a classic weekend breakfast. Grab a few pantry items and make these with this easy, fail-proof Belgian Waffle Recipe.
servings 5 waffles
Prep Time 10 mins
Cook Time 10 mins
Total Time 20 mins



Lauren's Easy Method:

  • In a large bowl, whisk flour, sugar, baking powder, baking soda, and salt until well combined. Create well in the center.
  • Into the well of the dry ingredients, pour in remaining ingredients: milk, melted butter, vanilla, and eggs. Whisk to incorporate and create a batter. If it seems too thick, add in an extra splash of milk. You want your waffle batter to be the consistency of white school glue.
  • Preheat Belgian waffle maker. Brush generously with melted butter and pour in about 1/2 cup batter into the center. Close and cook according to waffle maker instructions.
  • Repeat with remaining batter until all waffles have been cooked. Serve warm with berries, whipped cream, powdered sugar, maple syrup and/or butter.

Traditional Method:

  • Separate your eggs into whites and yolks. Add egg whites into a large bowl and whip with a stand mixer until stiff peaks form. Set aside.
  • In another large bowl, whisk flour, sugar, baking powder, baking soda, and salt until well combined. Create well in the center. pour in remaining ingredients: milk, melted butter, vanilla, and egg yolks. Whisk to incorporate and create a batter. If it seems too thick, add in an extra splash of milk. You want your waffle batter to be the consistency of white school glue. Fold in the whipped egg whites.
  • Preheat Belgian waffle maker. Brush generously with melted butter and pour in about 1/2 cup batter into the center. Close and cook according to waffle maker instructions.
  • Repeat with remaining batter until all waffles have been cooked. Serve warm with berries, whipped cream, powdered sugar, maple syrup and/or butter.



Calories: 373kcal | Carbohydrates: 57g | Protein: 8g | Fat: 12g | Saturated Fat: 7g | Cholesterol: 33mg | Sodium: 457mg | Potassium: 278mg | Fiber: 1g | Sugar: 13g | Vitamin A: 400IU | Calcium: 146mg | Iron: 2.7mg
Course: Breakfast
Cuisine: American
Keyword: belgian waffle recipe, belgian waffles, waffle recipe

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50 Responses
  1. Krista C.

    Just made these for Father’s Day. They were easy to make and were absolutely delicious! Highly recommend this recipe!

  2. Amie

    5 stars
    This is the best waffle recipe I have found. I use gluten free flour and my family requests these every Saturday. Thank you so much for the clear instructions! They are crisp on the outside and oh so fluffy on the inside. Perfection!

      1. Ali

        5 stars
        Great! I love the idea of using honey in place of sugar. I will use that going forward. Thank you for such a fabulous, easy & fun to make recipe! Big hit for our family!

  3. Richard Boyd

    5 stars
    Hello Lauren, I’m a retired, old grump, who has recently discovered a place in the kitchen. It started out as a necessity, but then I found out I liked “muckin’ about in the kitchen”.
    I have “stolen” a few of your ideas now & have had good success mostly, it was a steep learning curve to start, but since I have been using your quick & easy directions I thought that I should show the courtesy of entering a comment.
    Thank you for the simple, straight forward, common sense recipes. I hope to aquire more in the future as my confidence grows.
    Sincerely Richard B.C. Canada

  4. Cynthia Weston

    5 stars
    The Belgian waffle was delicious. I had one that was my grandmothers recipe and it was handwritten by her and so worn that it literally fell apart in my hands. I thought I had it memorized but they never tasted the same. I’ve tried many other recipes but they just never tasted as good as her recipe did. I found yours today and I just made them and I felt like I was transported back in time. Thank you for this recipe. My grandmother taught me how to cook and bake and you only did that by making things from scratch. It seems to be a lost art these days. If we wanted chicken and dumplings for example, it was planned for the day before. It started with a walk to the chicken coop to select our next meal along with the eggs we needed to make the dumplings. She had a little trick to keep the chicken from running around so we didn’t have to chase it or wait for it’s demise. Our local butcher called on her several times to show him this trick, but he truly never did master it. She had a well that dried up so water had to be brought in by relatives and we also caught rain water. She taught me how to can vegetables and fruits from her garden and how to store things in the cold cellar. If we wanted black raspberry pie we had to walk sometimes for miles to pick enough of them to make the pies. The problem was our own fault because we would get very hungry while performing this task. She had a wood and coal stove that she used to cook as well as to heat her house. I loved every minute I spent with her to this day and I cherish every “recipe” she shared with me. It was more about measurements than exact amounts. Also, she was the head cook at my elementary school and the advantage to that was that I got to leave school a little early to go home with her! Thank you again for this recipe. It made my day.

  5. Danette

    2 stars
    Following the recipe by half the amounts and using oil not butter. It worked fine. The waffles came out perfect and well risen and fluffy.
    But, they had no crispness to the outer, spongey all the way through and tasteless. Something needs twerking with this recipe. They were just so bland

  6. Lola

    5 stars
    Waffles have been my favourite breakfast forever. This recipe is soooo good and will replace the others before it. Took maybe 5 mins longer than other recipes but well worth it. Yum!

  7. Madeline Sterrett

    2 stars
    It tastes good but the waffles stuck to my brand new Belgian waffle maker (used twice before, with waffles from a store-bought mix which never had this problem) really badly even after slathering the thing in oil. No waffle should be this difficult.

  8. Bethy

    5 stars
    I absolutely LOVE this recipe! I make it at least once a week! It always comes out soft, fluffy, and perfect! Thank you so much for this wonderful recipe! I HIGHLY recommend this!!

  9. Sammie

    5 stars
    I used this yesterday and I spent twenty minutes trying to find it again today so I could tell you how much I loved it! This is easily my favorite recipe after weeks of trying. I beat my whites separately but after that WOW. These remind me of iHops crisp but soft waffle and I’m super happy! Thanks so much!

  10. Laura H.

    5 stars
    Thanks for sharing this recipe! It is my absolute favorite. The waffles turn out beautiful every time and my army of kids eat every bite.

  11. Mary Beth Ebert

    3 stars
    Good but not great. Pillowy and lacking flavor except for the heavy vanilla. I’m curious why there was baking soda but no acid to activate it. I think the baking powder would have been enough leavener. In fact these seemed extra fluffy. Lots of butter on the griddle and full browning did not give crispy edges.

  12. Bethy

    5 stars
    Oh gosh! I made these over the weekend and they came out perfect!! They were golden and fluffy and just amazing! I will never use a box! Thank you!!

  13. Monica

    5 stars
    Oh my stars!!!! These where absolutely amazing and phenomenal…very easy to make. I follow exact recipe except I added 1 Tbsp of Vanilla extract and I separated my eggs, folding in the whisked stiff peaks of egg whites into the batter! They came out very fluffy and both my 17 year old DS & DH Loved them!
    First time making waffles with a new waffle iron! Thank you so much for this delicious recipe! Will be making them again very soon!

  14. Kelly Dee

    I followed the recipe and the instructions on my waffle iron. I used melted butter for both the recipe and and my iron.

    They came out so soggy after 5 minutes! Crispy on the outside and wet in the middle!

    I don’t know what happened. 🙁

  15. Kathryn DeMichiel

    5 stars
    Made this recipe this morning – it is delicious! My husband loved it too. Served it with blueberries and a little syrup.

  16. Camisha Borger

    5 stars
    Great recipe. My waffles came out perfect. Only change was that I substituted the powdered sugar with coconut sugar ( lower glycemic).

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  18. Beth Ann

    5 stars
    Just made these and they turned out perfect. I have tried other waffle recipes, but this one is by far the best. I substituted vegetable oil for canola (because that is what I had on hand). This recipe made 5 perfect waffles. Will be putting this in the regular rotation!

  19. Matt

    5 stars
    Winner-Winner Chicken Dinner!!! This waffle recipe is excellent! The only thing I did different was crank up the vanilla to 1 Tbsp, and separate the eggs and beat the whites til firm peaks, then folded them back into the finished batter. They come out nice and thick and hearty with a perfect crispiness on the outside. I also ended up just pouring the batter in the waffle maker and spreading it around before closing the lid. This made for more perfect looking waffles with better distribution because the thickness of the batter didn’t run all that well. The only problem I had was I underestimated how much syrup to warm up, I ran out half way thru one waffle!

  20. Rachel Shimon

    5 stars
    This is the best recipe i have ever used….. so many other recipes turn out with a heavy waffle…. these are very light inside and a wonderful crispness on the outside.
    I did however, use melted butter on the iron instead of spray….
    Wonderful flavor.
    Thank you for sharing your secrets. 🙂

  21. Shay

    5 stars
    I’m going to try this recipe this weekend. I bought the exact same waffle iron you have and loved it! But…I returned it for the next one up that’s a double Belgian waffle maker 🤷‍♀️ The recipe I found was good bit it called for egg whites to be folded. I just felt this made it take twice as long to get breakfast going and done. Can’t wait to try this one!

    1. Meri Call

      5 stars
      Right! I used this recipe but I am doing a kitchen remodel and the movers packed up this recipe. Soooo happy I found it because the other recipes want you do fold the egg whites and that takes way too long. This recipe is sooo much easier and the waffles are AMAZING! Fluppy and crispy. The folding the egg whites seem so unnecessary in my opinion.

      1. Madelyn Caramel

        5 stars
        I am thrilled that I finally found a recipe that makes fluffy Belgian waffles without whipping the egg whites ^^) i added some sour dough starter to it and they turned out wonderful! I’m definitely coming back to this when I want some fluffy waffles 🧇 😋