Ion Exchange Column
Ion Exchange Column - Myande Group is the leading supplier of Ion Exchange Column in China.
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Applications of Ion Exchange Column:
1. Water treatment
1.1. Softening
1.2. Dealkalisation
1.3. Demineralisation
1.4. Mixed bed polishing
1.5. Drinking water
2. Sugar industry
2.1. Softening of water used for sugar extraction
2.2. Softening of sugar juices before evaporation
2.3. The NRS softening process
2.4. The Gryllus softening process
2.5. Demineralisation of sugar juices before evaporation
2.6. Colour removal from sugar syrups after evaporation
2.7. The Quentin process
2.8. Sugar recovery from molasses
2.9. Sucrose inversion
2.10. Chromatographic separation
2.11. Glucose treatment
3. Other applications in the food industry
3.1. Dairy products
3.2. Beverages
3.3. Fruit juices
3.4. Recovery of polyphenols
3.5. Citric acid
3.6. Aminoacids
3.7. Sorbitol demineralisation
3.8. Gelatine demineralisation
4. Applications in the chemical industry
4.1. Recovery or removal of metals
4.2. Caustic soda and chlorine production
4.3. Phenol
4.4. Hydrogen peroxide purification
4.5. Selective removal of various elements
5. Catalysis
5.1. Alkylation
5.2. Condensation
5.3. Esterification
5.4. Etherification
5.5. Dehydration
5.6. Hydrogenation
6. Pharmaceutical industry
6.1. Extraction and purification of antibiotics
6.2. Slow-release formulations
6.3. Resins used as drugs
6.4. Taste-masking
6.5. Production chromatography
7. Miscellaneous applications
7.1. Mining industry
7.2. Enzyme immobilisation
7.3. Hydroculture
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