MVR Evaporator

MVR (Mechanical Vapor Recompression) technology can reduce the energy consumption of the evaporation system significantly. The pressure, temperature and enthalpy of the secondary steam generated by evaporation increases after compressed by the steam compressor, then the steam enters the heating room as heat resource, so as to continuously circulate. This type of evaporation system consumes electrical energy for evaporation operations. Energy consumption of compression fan varies slightly, depending on different material properties.

- No or few live steam required.
- Low energy consumption, low operation cost.
- Coupling with different types of crystallizers for continuous evaporation and crystallization.

- No condenser or one with small heat exchange area required.


- Food & beverage                               - Chemical                                - Pharmaceutical
- Pesticide                                            - Printing & dyeing                    - Metallurgy
- Fermentation                                     - Tobacco
  • Mechanical Vapor Recompression
  • Evaporator under fabrication
  • Pesticide wastewater MVR evaporation crystallization system
  • 3D Design of MVR Evaporation System
  • MVR Evaporation System

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