Starch sugars refer to starch sweeteners processed from grain and other starch-containing tuber crops through acid method, acid enzymatic method or enzymatic method. Starch sugars include maltose, glucose and fructose syrup, etc.

Starch sugar processing is one important part of the agricultural product processing industry as well as a cornerstone of the starch deep process industry. Starch sugars have wide applications and huge market demanded and widely used food, pharmaceutical, paper making and many other industries.

Myande Starch Sugar Technology

After many years of R&D and market application, Myande starch sugar technology has formed a complete set of product design line. According to customer’s requirement of different capacity and finished product, Myande provides customized design to satisfied customer’s demands. Myande’s products design line and the full set of engineering services include Liquid Glucose, Crystalline Dextrose, Maltose Syrup, Maltodextrin, Fructose Syrup, etc.

Myande has excellent process design team and keep improving the technological requirements, after many times discussions and optimization, Myande process design team strive to provide customers with the best processing route, the liquefaction and saccharification, filtration, desalination, evaporation and concentration has adopted international advanced technology and equipment, and according to customer’s budget and requirement to provide a variety of options, lower the customer’s investment and operation costs.

Myande without exception uses advanced 3D design software and provide 3D design for the whole project at the same time to real reflect each equipment layout and civil structure, avoiding the conflict between equipment and civil, design more accurate and avoid installation materials waste. The 3D design ensures more intuitive and more humanization to make the customer to learn about every detail of the engineering before the project implementation.

Myande has powerful automatic control design capabilities, can provide customers with the semi-automatic and fully automatic control scheme. In the process of starch sugar production, the control system can fully monitor the material parameters and production status of the whole production system, the operation interface is intuitive and convenient control, timely warning and adjust the operation status of the production line, and finally solve the problem of the final product quality is not stable, high consumption during production and rely on artificial technical proficiency, etc.

Myande has a strong manufacturing capability and perfect quality management system, manufacturing center adhering to the fine manufacturing concept and strict requirement for the product quality, provide the customers with high-quality, safety and reliable equipment.

Myande supply the customer with starch sugar turn-key project, provide all equipment, automation control system, non-standard tank material, guidance the manufacturing of non-standard tank and equipment installation, staff training and commissioning. Myande has rich turn-key project experience in starch engineering, starch sugar engineering and edible oil engineering.

Myande is fully responsible for the project, from project design to project commissioning, and have to avoid the inconvenience of purchasing equipment from different parties and equipment installation chaos by different parties, providing customers with high-quality and relaxing project implementation experience.

Myande has an efficient and professional after-sales service system to ensure the fastest feedback to the customers.

  • 3D design of starch glucose syrup plant

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