We can provide turnkey plant for you:
Vegetable oil hydrogenation projects with capacity ranging from 30t/d to 100t/d
Enzymatic and chemical interesterification projects with capacity ranging from 30t/d to 150t/d

1. Hydrogenation

Hydrogenation, fully or partially, is a chemical process in which hydrogen is added to liquid oils to turn them into a solid form.
Partial hydrogenation will result in high trans fatty acid oil, which is forbidden gradually by the FDA. Fully hydrogenation (IV<1) can produce almost zero trans FFA fat, the combination of full hydrogenation technology and interesterification technology is an important option to produce margarine or shortening.
3D model-50tpd fully hydrogenation plant
2. Interesterification
Interesterification consists of changing the physical properties of the oil by an interchange of the fatty acids in between and within the different composing triglycerides.

Benefits of interesterification

a. To be able to vary the melting point and SFC values for greater flexibility.
b. Improve the compatibility of the triglycerides in the solid state.
c. To be able to produce interesterified blends that are softer than the original blend prior to interesterification.
d. Improve the plasticity of the resulting solid by changing the crystallisation properties.
e. Myande can provide both chemical and enzymatic interesterification process.
  • Chemical interesterification process
  • Enzymatic interesterification process

3. Dry fractionation
Dry fractionation is the process to obtain several fractions of different melting points, hardness and solid fat content from solid or semi-solid oils and fats, which can make it possible to extend the application of edible oils and fats in the related food products.
  • Palm oil fractionation process

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