Organic Fertilizer Fermentation

Aerobic fermentation principle is used by “Jasmine” fermentation tower, in which microorganism eat the organic matters and residual protein as food under a certain temperature, humidity and rich oxygen condition to quickly reproduce. Organic matter, protein and oxygen are consumed by the microorganism to produce ammonia, CO2 and steam. At the same time, a large quantity of heat is released to increase the temperature in the tower. When the temperature is 45-60℃, it can help microorganism grow and metabolize. When the temperature is above 60℃, it can kill bacteria, pathogens, parasite eggs and other harmful substance in wastes. The tower also can balance the beneficial bacterium living conditions, such as temperature, humidity and pH value, to produce environmental-friendly organic fertilizer, completely solve the problem of waste pollution and make sure sustainable development of the large-scale farms.

  • Animal Manure Fermentation Tower
  • Organic Fertilizer Fermentation Tower

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