Pea is native to Southern Europe and the Mediterranean coast. As one of the most important food legumes, pea is widely consumed as grain, vegetable, animal feed and pharmaceutical material. Peas are rich in starch, protein, vitamins, and minerals.

Myande Pea starch processing line is designed for processing pea into starch, fiber and gluten. Pea starch as a high-grade food has much higher nutritious and commercial value than corn starch. The fiber, as a by-product, is widely used not only as animal feed but also as valuable raw material for producing human dietary fiber through fine grinding process.

Protein, the other bi-product, falls into the “complete protein” category and contains 18 kinds of essential amino acids. Pea protein does not contain cholesterol and is thus generally considered healthier than animal protein.

Myande Pea starch processing line consists of the following sections: cleaning, steeping, grinding, coarse fiber extraction, separation of gluten from starch, fine fiber extraction, starch concentration & refining, starch dewatering, starch drying, and by-product recovery, etc.

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