Recently, Myande Group and Weifang Sino-Agri United Chemical Co., Ltd. (Sino-Agri) signed a contract by which Myande will supply Sino-Agri with one 15t/h MVR evaporation & crystallization system for treatment of Sina-Agri’s wastewater generated in its pesticide production process.

Pesticide producers have always been labelled as "high energy consumption and high pollution" businesses. In the process of pesticide production, a large quantity of wastewater is generated. The wastewater generated from the production line of Sino-Agri United has four characteristics - high COD value, high content of ammonia nitrogen, high viscosity and strong odour. Thus it poses a big challenge for its effort in achieving good environmental performance.


According to the physicochemical characteristics of wastewater, Myande technical team after repeated experimental analysis and simulated evaporation designed a highly customized MVR energy-saving evaporation system. This system when completed will have two obvious features. On the one hand, the system will realize zero discharge of wastewater, salt crystallization and condensate recycling to meet requirements of environmental protection. On the other hand, the secondary steam generated from the MVR evaporation system will be fully recycled for energy-saving effect.
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