Recently, Myande Group signed a contract with Hubei Daya Biological Technologies Co., Ltd, by which Myande will supply a 15t/h four-effect evaporation system for recovery of methanol containing salt.

Methanol, a basic organic raw material, is widely used for producing formaldehyde, acetic acid and other organic products and has great economic value. Myande engineering team designed the four-effect methanol recovering evaporation system based on results of repeated experiments and years of experience in designing evaporation systems.

Myande is the first company in China to use evaporation method to process salt and methanol solutions. The process design gives full consideration of the overall economic benefits of evaporation-condensation and crystallization process and variable physical properties of the solution to be processed at different temperatures and concentrations. The type of evaporator and operating parameters are thus determined to reduce the effect of scaling and enhance heat transfer. Major benefits of the process design include the capability of long-time continuous operation and reduced washing frequency.

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