Recently, Myande signed contract with Chongqing Fuling Mustard Group, by which Myande will supply a 6t/h mustard salt-water MVR evaporation & concentration system. MVR evaporation method is used to evaporate and condense mustard brine, and the concentrated solution is reused in mustard production process to achieve energy saving, environment protection, and resource utilization.

Marinating, an important process for the production of mustard, typically generates a large amount of high-salt-content wastewater. Features of this wastewater include high COD, high hardness, and large concentration changes of mustard brine. It thus has always presented a tough problem in the mustard-making factories. Myande conducted a number of evaporation experiments, third-party tests and data analysis for the water samples of Fuling mustard. Eventually, relying on many years of experience in evaporation industry, Myande designed the technical program accordingly and received high recognition from Fuling mustard project team.
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