Recently, Myande signed a contract with Cathay Industrial Biotech, by which Myande will supply Cathay with an MVR evaporation and crystallization facility to process wastewater and extract sodium sulfate as a value-adding by-product from the wastewater. This evaporation & crystallization facility to be supplied by Myande will enable Cathay to utilize wastewater and create economic benefit in an environmentally-friendly manner.

Cathay Industrial Biotech is a world-leading industrial biotechnology company specialized in the production of chemical intermediate long-chain dibasic acid for the synthesis of nylon, polyester, adhesive and bio-solvent. Long chain dibasic acid, a linear aliphatic dibasic acid containing 10 to 15 carbon atoms, is produced by a bio-fermentation method in which a large amount of high-salt wastewater is normally generated. It is difficult to process the wastewater because of the high concentration of pollution and poor biodegradation.

The technical solution to be supplied by Myande including MVR evaporation and concentration, frozen crystallization and fluid bed drying technology will be applied to process wastewater for recycling industrial sodium sulfate.
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