Recently,Myande signed a contract with Jiangxi H-zone Lithium Industry Co., Ltd, under which Myande will supply a 25TPH three-effect evaporation & crystallization system for the treatment of salt-containing effluent. The system will adopt advanced evaporation and crystallization separation technology to treat the wastewater containing sodium sulfate, potassium sulfate and salt during the production process of the lithium industry. It will also crystallize the salt from wastewater and recycle the condensation water generated in the evaporation system. The completion of the project will enable Jiangxi H-zone Lithium Industry Co system to improve its environmental performance, save energy, and thus effectively reduce its operational cost.

H-zone Lithium is a high-tech enterprise engaged in the production of lithium products by lepidolite, such as battery grade lithium carbonate, technical development and large-scale production of potassium, rubidium and cesium salt products. The company has been committed to the process development of lithium. With the rapid development of the company, wastewater containing a lot of salt is increasing in the production process and it’s difficult to treat the wastewater.

Myande has a mature design system and rich project experience in multi-effect evaporation crystallization technology. According to the characteristics of wastewater of lithium industry, combined with the past engineering data, Myande designing team came up with a highly individualized solution which nicely meets with H-zone Lithium’s requirements of actual production as well as its expectation for automatic mode of operation.
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