Recently, Tongwei 25,000 tons per year high-purity crystalline silicon & high- salt wastewater concentration facility constructed by Myande Group was successfully commissioned. The facility has been running smoothly and has produced more than 150 tons of calcium chloride tetrahydrate. The success of this project provided Tongwei with an effective solution to its chronic headache of wastewater treatment.

High-purity polysilicon is the basic raw material for the electronics industry and the solar photovoltaic industry. It is not likely to be replaced in the next 50 years. Under the support of the central government's vigorous promotion of new energy policies, numbers of upstream and downstream projects around the photovoltaic industry were quickly established. At the same time, relevant state departments increased their support for technology research and development, technological innovation, and project construction related to the polysilicon industry. In this cooperation with Tongwei Group, Myande Group focused on effort with own advantages, successfully implemented the first zero discharge project for wastewater in the polysilicon industry in China. We believe that in the near future, Myande team will persist in and innovate to achieve a qualitative leap in the wastewater zero discharge in polysilicon industry, and contribute to the revitalization of China's energy industry.
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