The MVR evaporation crystallization facility that Myande supplied to Zijin Zinc Corporation started operation and reached all contracted technical and environmental parameters. This facility will enables Zijin Zinc Corporation produce sodium chloride crystal salt from its previous wastewater, which had long been a head ache, to achieve zero discharge of effluent, and thereby to increase its operational income while at the same time greatly improving its environmental performance.

Zijin Zinc Corporation is the holding company of Zijin Mining Group Co., Ltd. It has comprehensive capacity of producing 200,000 tons of zinc ingots and 400,000 tons of sulphuric acid per year, including comprehensive capacity of the various metals recovery such as copper, lead and silver.

Commissioning of the facility started on October 12, 2018. Before the commissioning, the management of Zijin Zinc Corporation, had misgivings about maturity of MVR technology and its capability of achieving its long-term environmental protection initiative. Thus, in deep in their heart expectation and uncertainty co-existed. However, as the commission process went on, when they say sodium chloride crystals come out of the discharging outlet, all their uncertainties and misgivings disappeared. The result is gratifying. The condensate COD is only 4.5ppm in the discharged wastewater, and the sodium chloride produced is totally in line with national standard layout for industrial salts.

Myande’s engineering efforts, with support from the customer, once again successfully turned questioning into recognition. The satisfactory completion of this project set up one example for the Myande engineers’ conviction that success comes from professionalism.
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