Dextrin, commonly referred to as thermal cracking dextrin, is a starch degradation products obtained by chemical treatment. Dextrin mainly includes white dextrin, yellow dextrin and British gum. The white dextrin is the primary degradation product of starch produced at a lower temperature. It has a very wide range of industrial applications.

Traditional white dextrin processing method
White dextrin is mainly prepared by the dry process with corn starch as raw material and hydrochloric acid as catalyst. They react at a certain temperature for a certain time so that starch cracks to yield white dextrin. Currently, the level of automation of white dextrin processing lines is generally quite low with dusty and poor hygienic conditions.

Myande’s new white dextrin processing technology
Relying on a strong process design team and rich starch industry related engineering experience, Myande designs a complete fully-enclosed and highly automated white dextrin processing solutions.

Key equipment
1. Cooker
The shell and principal shaft which contact with material are made of 316L stainless steel. The mixing support is separated from the tank support to avoid the influence of thermal expansion and cold contraction on the equipment. The design uses heat conducting oil contained in jacket as heat source with temperature over 200℃. The material is cooked in batches.

2. Cooler

After cooking, the temperature of white dextrin is high. If it’s packaged directly, it won’t be good for storage. Myande cooler adopts double-layer design. The material flows counter with air, which can effectively reduce the temperature of materials. These two layers are equipped with the temperature sensor, arc mixing blade and sight glass in order to ensure that the material dissipates heat evenly and detect the temperature at the same time. The air inlet can also be equipped with a humidifying system, which regulates the air humidity of the inlet air to reach 95%. It cools the material as well as has the humidifying effect.

White Dextrin Dry Processing Technology

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